Archery is an ancient and exciting sport. A sport, you say? Don't you just stand there and shoot an arrow?

Not at all. Archery isn't just a sport, it's an Olympic event that requires tremendous strength and discipline, challenging both mind and body to it's limits. It brings together a number different skills into o­ne sport, taxing the nerves and will in rewarding, surprising ways.

Getting Started
If archery is a sport you think you might like to try there are a number of factors to consider before you do anything. Getting the right equipment is essential. While not usually custom made, bows are best used when they account appropriately for your height. Fortunately there's no need to spend hundreds o­n equipment before you know if it's something you're ready to commit some time to.

Archery is an extremely flexible sport that's safe and can be adapted to enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Game Vs. Range
Archery equipment
Regardless of whether you plan o­n bullseyeing targets o­n the range or landing some game in the wild, practice is fundamental. Just as fundamental is a place to do it. Specialty archery ranges are usually the best places to start, serving as centers of archery enthusiasts. Such ranges also serve as equipment dealers and training schools. If you're lucky enough to have a good archery range in your area you'll find plenty of professional advice and resources for beginners.

Archery worldcup
Good instruction doesn't take long and o­nce you begin it's really up to you to practice and hone your skills. How far can you go with it? The sky's the limit. An Olympic gold medal might even be in your future.

Archers love their sport and are always eager to introduce more people to it. As a newcommer you'll find yourself warmly welcomed.