Bungee Jumping

bungee jumping
Bungee jumping is an intense experience that is sure to get your heart pumping. This minimalistic sport leaves very little between you and the ground, enhancing the feeling of danger and therefore, the thrill as well.

The bungee jump is a very simple concept. The jumper is attached by an ankle harness to a length of elastic cord. The cord itself is fastened to the top of a high structure, such as a bridge, cliff, dam, or specifically constructed frame. Sometimes, in more extreme cases of the sport, a helicopter is used as the connecting point. The jumper then leaps from the structure, is flipped upside down partway down, and bounces up and down several times as the elastic cord pulls tight. The people o­n top of the structure will then pull the jumper back up and take their own turn.

bungee jumping sweden
This sport can be intimidating, but it requires very little equipment. The braided, pre-stretched, latex fibered elastic rope, ankle harness, and something to attach it too are all that's really necessary. Almost all companies that offer bungee jumping experiences will supply these. Some organizations will use a chest harness as a backup in case the ankle harness fails. While this lessens some of the thrill of jumping off into space with very little protecting you, it is a somewhat safer practice.

Bungee jumping is an intense sport. The feeling of almost nothing supporting your body as you fall is better than any roller coaster and is almost guaranteed to get a shriek out of even the most jaded first-timer. There are countless companies that offer bungee jumping in all different types of settings, from a constructed frame in a theme park, to a leap off of a high, naturally occurring cliff and everything in between. It is up to the jumper to decide what setting best compliments this intense sport.