canoe marathon
Canoeing is an excellent sport and can vary from a relaxing drift down a calm river to a quick and exciting run down rough rapids, depending o­n your interests.

It is easy to enjoy canoeing without having to purchase any equipment. Most state parks will provide a canoe and paddles for a relatively low price. A canoe typically holds two to six people, so it is a sport that can be enjoyed in a group. The person in the back of the canoe does the majority of the steering while the others provide extra speed and power. Canoeing is an excellent work out and will build arm muscles quickly.

If quiet rivers winding through forests seems too tame, there are more exciting ways to use o­ne of these crafts. Canoeing through rapids, o­n the ocean, or even directly over waterfalls all lend a greater excitement and challenge to this sport. Try finding guides or clubs in your area to help get you started with these more extreme forms of canoeing.

If you do decide to purchase your own equipment, there are a number of sports stores that will have what you need. A canoe of whatever size you prefer, although smaller crafts are easier to maneuver o­n more challenging courses, a few paddles, and a rack for the top of your car for transport are all you really need. If you intend to try your hand at rougher waters, however, you will also need to purchase a helmet.

canoeing in winter
blackwater river canoe
Canoeing allows for a great experience in nature and can be as relaxing or as dramatically exciting as you choose. This craft fits all moods and outings and is great for building upper body strength. There are few sports that can result in a relaxing day with the kids o­ne weekend and a pulse-pounding thrill ride the next.