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Canyoning, or canyoneering, is a thrilling outdoor sport which combines elements of hiking, swimming and rock climbing. It takes place in some of the most beautiful natural spaces o­n earth. Climb and scramble across rocks. Jump in and swim through rivers. Ascend waterfalls dangling from a harness. An adventurous sport, canyoneering requires knowledge of navigation, first aid, abseiling (or rappelling), swimming, and weather forecasting.

Getting Started
The best way to get started is to join a mountaineering or canyoning association. Most organize their own trips or can recommend guides. Canyoning is something learned best with an expert. Many canyoning trip organizers will provide or rent you most of the needed equipment. If you are not familiar with abseiling or rappelling, get trained before you try it out in the canyon. If you are eager to start right away, try an organized non-abseiling canyoning trip.

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Canyoneers generally wear wetsuits as they are often getting in and out of cold water. Wet rocks are slippery so rubber soled shoes with a solid grip are a must. No tennis shoes or hiking boots. Protect your head from bumps and falling rocks with a specially designed helmet for the water. A dry bag (a waterproof pack) not o­nly stores your supplies, it acts as a floatation device. For trips with long stretches of deep water, bring along an airbed to float o­n. This will conserve energy and body heat. At least, o­ne party member should carry a throw bag for water rescues. A headlamp may be needed for entering dark spaces such as rock tunnels or caves. Rappelling equipment includes but is not limited to gloves, harnesses, ropes, carabiners, belay devices, piton bars, Pitt stops, bolt plates, racks, ascenders, and descenders.