Cascading Schwarzbach
Cascading is a sport for those who find normal canoeing too tame. This sport can involve either a canoe or a kayak, and starts at the top of a long series of waterfalls. The craft cascades down these falls, requiring skill and quick reaction times from the pilot to keep it afloat and right side up.

This sport is available in many areas, but it is particularly popular in the Dominican Republic, where there are many available courses for cascading. Very limited equipment is necessary. A water craft, a paddle, and a helmet will be enough to get you started. Sometimes harnesses are used to help keep the participant in his or her craft, but these are not strictly necessary. Cascading has come to be known as a freer experience that relies more o­n the skill of the o­ne paddling than o­n equipment.

If you want to try cascading, it is a good idea to become familiar with your canoe or kayak first. Learning to handle these water craft is much easier in calm water than it will be riding down a series of waterfalls. The skills you learn o­n less challenging rivers will serve you well when you finally take your craft into more treacherous and exciting waters.

whitewater cascading
The difficulty of cascading varies by the course. Calm water and small drops will obviously be less challenging than a fast moving current and a twenty foot waterfall. Be sure to choose a course within your ability, as it can be very hard to stop o­nce you start a course, especially in fast moving water. Often the o­nly choice is to complete the series, whether you feel prepared or not.

Cascading is an exciting sport that requires a lot of skill, balance, and upper body strength. Becoming skilled at cascading is no easy task, but will be incredibly fulfilling o­nce it is achieved.