As far as outdoor sports go, jogging is o­ne of the easiest to get into. It allows you to get exercise outside instead of in a cramped gym, but does not require the hundreds or even thousands of dollars of equipment necessary for some sports. For someone looking to start up an exercise program right away, jogging is an excellent option.

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All you really need to take up jogging is a good pair of running shoes and an open road, sidewalk, or trail. Running shoes can be found at almost any department store and many sports equipment stores, so finding them shouldn't pose much of a problem. It will take some time to break in a new pair of shoes, but the comfort provided and the blisters prevented later from a decent pair will be well worth the effort.

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Jogging is a sport that can take place almost anywhere and at any time, from an early morning run around your neighborhood to a cross country marathon. Just be sure to slowly build up your stamina before taking o­n any 5Ks. o­ne of the greatest benefits of jogging is that the scenery can change whenever you want it to, keeping work from becoming boring or repetitive. For some time alone in nature, try some hiking trails in the woods or around a lake. For those who live near mountain ranges, mountain trails are both challenging for the runner and provide an amazing view.

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As you gain stamina in jogging, you may even begin to experience what is referred to as a runner's high. This is a rush of endorphins in response to the exercise your body is getting. This experience alone is enough to keep many people coming back to jogging as a sport.

Jogging is a relaxing and at the same time enervating activity that can fit with any schedule and can even be used to help raise money for charities. Best of all, all the equipment you need is probably already in your closet.