Jump Boarding

Jump boarder
Jump boarding is the chosen activity of extreme boarders everywhere. o­ne popular take o­n jump boarding is sky boarding, which is parachuting out of a plane with a board strapped to your feet. It's pretty intense and allows parachute enthusiasts an additional surface with which to control the flow of air around their body other than just their arms, legs and body. This provides them with a degree of extra control over their movements and the ability to try tricks and maneuvers that would be impossible without a board. Almost any conceivable trick can be executed jump boarding.

Jump boarding also refers to launching o­neself off of jumps and pulling huge tricks. Tricks range from basic tricks like spinning 180 degrees around and landing goofy foot (landing in the opposite direction you normally ride) to some of the most difficult tricks like turning 1080 degrees which is three full rotations back to regular foot (your regular stance). Other well known difficult tricks include front and back flips and backside 360 tricks.

Nutrition is important to jump boarders, because it is a physically demanding sport. Proper nutritional guidelines for athletes should be followed, and nutritional supplements may be of assistance in meeting appropriate nutrient levels. Nutritional supplements may include powders, liquids, pills and specialty energy and health bars.

Jump boarder
Because jump boarding involves difficult tricks, it can be dangerous. Clothing for jump boarding often is often highly durable and may have some built in safety measures such as padding. Helmets are recommended when jump boarding and are generally worn by everyone. Boots and pants are other major specialty items of clothing for jump boarders and most jump boarders where gloves and goggles while jump boarding too, because the high rates of speed can make the eyes well up with tears.