Mountain Biking

mountain biking
mountain biking in swamp
Mountain biking is a very popular sport that is often confused with other types of biking. In mountain biking, the rider spends time riding their bike off-road, o­n a variety of terrains that are off-limits to traditional bikers. The name mountain biking implies that mountain bikers spend their time riding o­n mountains, but this is not the o­nly place mountain bikers explore. Other places of interest for mountain bikers include forests, valleys, deserts and prairies. The o­ne feature that unites these areas is that they generally feature very rough terrain.

Mountain bikes are very different from traditional road bikes. They are specially built to handle the difficult terrain which they are used o­n. Their features tend to be sturdier than those of traditional road bikes, making mountain bikes a much more durable choice. For example, mountain bike tires are usually either 26 inches or 29 inches, and are rather wide as compared to traditional bikes. Mountain bikes also feature dual suspension, flat handlebars, strong rims and large gear ratios. Of course, given the thicker tires and other sturdier features of mountain bikes, they are not ideal for use in road racing. Although mountain bikes work well o­n roads, they are not constructed for speed o­n paved surfaces.

freeride mountain biking
There are several distinct types of mountain biking. These include the following popular sports:

-mountain bike orienteering
-cross country mountain biking
-trail riding
-all mountain biking
-street riding
-dirt jumping
-free ride

The rough terrains and environments seen in mountain biking, as well as the risky nature of more advanced mountain biking often require the usage of protective gear. Mountain biking is an exciting sport, but it requires safety precautions to be taken, as to prevent serious injury or death.