whitewater rafting
The exciting sport of rafting can take an adventurous individual to regions of the world that very few people get to see and provides o­ne of the most vigorous total body workouts available in the great outdoors. Regardless of whether you are braving the white water rapids of the Colorado River or are making your way through the exotic rivers of Asia and Africa, rafting is a physically demanding activity that requires participants to be in excellent physical shape. Like many other outdoor sports, o­ne bad decision can put you and your party in a very dangerous situation when you are out rafting, so it is crucial that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to enjoy navigating a particular river safely before you decide to take it o­n.

Proper Sportswear for Rafting

whitewater rafting
rafting rio salvaje
When it comes to rafting, it is essential that you wear the proper attire to a keep your body as protected from the environment as possible. Before you head out o­n your next rafting adventure, consider visiting an outdoor outfitter and purchasing some clothing that is specifically designed for use in outdoor water sports. These days, there is a wide range of clothing available made out of synthetic fibers that dry out considerably faster than traditional clothing. Although this sort of sportswear can be a little bit expensive, these products are well worth your investment if you plan o­n spending much time out o­n the water.

Proper Nutrition for Rafting

Because rafting can be such a physically demanding activity, it is very important for athletes to eat properly and provide their body with the essential energy and nutrients that it needs. Before you head out o­n any rafting trip, it is a good idea to have a large meal of foods high in carbohydrates the night before your voyage so that your body has some extra calories to get you through the day.