Sports Accessories

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So, you have tried running and tennis and you are ready to step it up a notch or two. How about an adventure sport? Get a little wet, a little dirty or a whole lot of altitude or depth with sports ranging from mountain biking to hang gliding. Land, air or water, take your pick, there is a sport for you!

Mountain biking is an extreme sport that takes you downhill quickly! Rough terrain and steep inclines will keep your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing. It is fairly easy to get into mountain biking. At the very basic you will need a mountain bike, helmet, pump, tool kit and a water bottle and you are o­n you way. Some added sport accessories that you will probably want to purchase as you get into it are: specialized bike pedals and shoes that clip into them, gloves, glasses to keep flying dirt out of your eyes, and a GPS navigation device if you want to do some mountain bike orienteering.

Be ready to get wet with some whitewater kayaking! You can do anything from paddle lazily downstream, a classification o­ne or no skill needed, to paddling over a waterfall, classifications VI, hazardous and for experts o­nly. What type of sport accessories are needed to whitewater kayak? First and foremost you will need a kayak. You don't want to be up creek without a paddle, so grab o­ne of those also! A sprayskirt, fullface helmet, PFD or life jacket, safety whistle, rope throwbag, and a flare are some other must-haves. If you are going to be kayaking in cold waters, you certainly will appreciate a wetsuit or a drysuit.

Become your own pilot. learn to hang glide! Hang gliders are suspended in the rising air masses. Ever wanted to get a bird's eye view? This would be the way! The bare essentials you would need to begin hang gliding are a helmet, harness, parachute and hang glider. This adventure sport is not for the faint of heart!

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors by land, air or water learning a new extreme sport!