Sports Footwear

climbing shoes
Proper footwear is among the most vital pieces of equipment for outdoor adventure sports. Failure to wear the proper shoe or boot can do damage to an outdoor sportsmen and hinder their performance. Most major manufacturers design shoes to fit a particular sport, such as climbing or cross-training footwear. When an outdoor sportsman uses equipment properly suited to their adventure sport, they are less likely to damage footwear due to misuse or injure their body due to improper distribution of weight and stress.

Shoes that are designed for climbing, for example, are excellent assets to any climber's wardrobe. A good pair of climbing shoes should help the climber to maintain a steady grip o­n a rock face or ledge in most conditions. Durable, non-skid soles constructed of flexible material help the climber to grip surfaces they may have otherwise had to avoid. Shoes possessing an exceptional tendency to grip - while worn by climbers elevated high above the ground - help to protect from a slip that could prove catastrophic. Climbers use a number of accessories to ensure their safety while engaged in a climb, but none may be more critical to an effective excursion than shoes.

The adventure sportsman is adventurous by nature, but should always be considering their safety above all else. Checking the wear and quality of footwear before an adventure sports outing can mean the difference between life and death or serious injury. When testing the limits of nature, as outdoor sportsmen often do, footwear is commonly the foundation for security and safety. Any lack of footing, despite placing the sportsman in danger, also takes away from the overall enjoyment of an outdoor sporting event by making any required functions much more difficult to execute