Sports Clothing

Adventure sports and outdoor sports are extremely popular recreational activities that require a certain caliber of clothing. Similar to many team sports played in a fixed environment such as a court or field, adventure sports can be potentially dangerous if the athlete is not properly outfitted. Sports clothing catered to the outdoor sportsman must be constructed of durable materials with an emphasis o­n function. Hiking and climbing gear are good examples of clothing built for a specific task or activity.

Hiking clothing is generally constructed of high-quality fabrics that promote both breathability and moisture resistance. A strong fabric will also resist tearing and stretching, which helps any hiker who may find themselves in a tight place. Hiking shorts are also examples of clothing built for function. Usually, the pockets and seams o­n a pair of hiking shorts are placed for ease of access and storage of commonly carried personal items or tools. Climbing is an outdoor adventure sport growing in popularity among the masses.

Climbing gear is some of the most critical to the performance and safety of the outfitted adventure sportsman. When climbing clothing becomes worn or ineffective, it can jeopardize the safety of a climber and anyone in their immediate vicinity. Clothing designed for climbers focuses o­n maximizing mobility without sacrificing strength and resistance to tearing.

Much of the clothing designed today for outdoor adventure sports comes treated with ultra-violet resistance chemicals to prevent sunburn and overheating. There are a number of technological advances that have led to the implementation of sophisticated fabrics that both resist stretching and offer a full range of motion. Clothing options and arrangements varies greatly depending o­n the sport and function, though most lines come customizable to accommodate any outdoor adventure sports and any athlete's size.